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"The Queen of Dreams"
Local Norfolk Celebrity
Norwich Zulu Warrior Published Poet.
Cast in The London 2012 Olympic Games as a Ceremony Performer.

Reality TV Star as seen on National TV in:
Channel 4 "Come Dine With Me" Feb 2017 Episode 36 Norwich
ITV "Judge Rinder" I sue for damages of my Brand Name 1st May 2017
BBC One "The One Show" Stargazer  alongside Astronomer Mark Thompson
BBC Two, "The Weakest Link" read my poem "Ode to Anne Robinson"
Channel 5 RealityTV Documentary "Single and Skint"  Sept 2016.
Channel 5  RealityTV Documentary "Benefits Got Talent"  Nov 2015.
Channel 4, "Four Rooms" - I sell my African Artifacts as Zulu Warrior Poet 
ITV  "The X-factor" I make it to the Live  X-Factor Auditions with my penned poetry performance act as Donna Africa Zulu Warrior Poet
ITV "Britain's Got Talent" featured dancing in their opening credits              
Mustard TV - Norfolk Celebrity Guest and Poet on "The Mustard Show" 
Sky TV - "The Sporah Show" A Reality TV Guest /Poet on African TV Show

Donna Africa is a famous model, poet and actress living in Norwich city, UK. She has appeared in numerous television programmes and documentaries, including Come Dine With Me aired on Channel 4 Valentines Day 14th Feb 2017 at 5pm, Single and Skint which aired on Channel 5 (2016) Benefits Got Talent which aired on Channel 5 (2015) and Four Rooms on Channel 4 (2013). In 2012 she participated in the prestigious The X-Factor, Britain's got talent; appeared on the Sporah Show and Weakest Link and performed at the London Olympics. She has also featured in Chat Magazine (2016), Daily Star newspaper (2015), Daily Mirror (2015); on BBC's The Nick Conrad Show, Norwich Evening News (2014), The Mustard Show (2014), The Linda Cosgrove Show (2014) among others.

Her unwavering determination to reach for her dreams earned her the name Queen of Dreams. In search for her destiny she relocated from her homelands Zimbabwe and South Africa to come to the UK in 2004. This helped her to gain fame and to build a loyal fan base. Donna is a published poetess and author of Donna Africa's Poetry Book: The Queen of Dreams, available on her website and Amazon Kindle.

Better known as Donna Africa the Zulu Warrior Poet, she has nurtured a unique brand as a mature model, actress, poet, culture ambassador and Pan-Africanist. Her work has been showcased on television in Africa and Britain, and the beautiful goddess has actively participated in Charity and signing events. 

"I'm here to inspire you to never give up on your dreams; as I truly believe that self belief is the key to success in realising and conquering your dreams. You can truly make your dreams a reality!"

P.S My Donna Africa biography was written by my talented Creative Writer friend, Muhwezi Simpson of Uganda - a fellow PanAfricanist and very talented story teller of Childrens books.

- Donna Africa

Upmarket Hollywood  Self-Styled Glamour Mature  Model
Performer, Entertainer. Artist & Author.

I am living my dreams of yesteryear today! 

Here to inspire you to believe in & realise your dreams and to never give up no matter what! 

Hello My Friends - Kanjani My Shamwaris /  Warriors!

A very warm welcome to my much awaited & anticipated new & improved website here at donnaafrica.co.uk affectionately nick-named, "The Queen of Dreams" by my friends and fans as I relocated from my homelands, Zimbabwe & South Africa, to the UK in 2004 to realise my dreams of yesteryear today. 

I have always been a bit of a dreamer but then I "Awoke" to "Realise" and "Live My Dreams" that had for so long, laid dormant, put on hold, caged and embedded deep down inside of me, longing to be liberated, heard & finally set FREE & so I continue to soldier & pioneer on my journey, to finally be set free as I am sure this was destined to be!

I am best known, recognised & renown as Donna Africa, Norwich "Zulu Warrior Poet" as seen on British & African TV on Channel 8  Freeview on "Mustard TV" 2014 as a Local Celeb Guest & Norwich Own Warrior Poet,  Channel 4 "Four Rooms" 2013 as Zulu Warrior Poet, ITV "X-Factor" 2012 as Zulu Warrior Performance Poet , ITV "Britain's got talent" 2012 dancing in my corset, top hat & stockings in their opening scene, Sky TV "Sporah Show" 2012 as a Reality TV Star, BBC "The Weakest Link" as a contestant where I read my penned poem "Ode to Anne Robinson" to her in person!
A signing Guest at many a cahrity fund raiser and signing event. Recently been appointed, Events Manager for Thorn Relief (non profit charity organisation) helping Zimbabwean children in poverty gain an education.

A Creative Artist & One who has never given up on her dreams, a true survivor & realising & living her dreams of yesterday today!

I call myself Donna Africa as I relocated from my homelands, Zimbabwe & South Africa to the United Kingdom in 2004, to start a new beginning and a carer of my now late Brit Mum and to finally realise, create and conquer my dreams of yesteryear, with a little help from my friends & fans. I Thank you all ever so sincerely  as I realise I would be nothing without YOU as we are all connected as ONE! <3

The Birth of my Donna Africa Poetry Book:
My passion has always been writing poetry and have been writing poetry since the age of ten as being then, a very sensitive, shy & retiring type - I found solace and a way to deal with all my emotions, I was feeling, sensing & experiencing in a very surpressed & repressed world at that time -  when my English Teacher who "Inspired me" to write poetry, after publishing my very First Poem entitled, "Life" in the School magazine and I appreciatively thank him!

I call myself a "Modern Day" "New World" Poet and Performance Poet as I write from my heart and not from a set format, in the hope to connect, share, inspire, heal and become "One" with people from all walks of life and am not here to compete with the Greats!

It has been a long time coming and am very proud to share with you the birth of my very first Donna Africa Poetry Book, "The Queen of dreams" finally "realised" and "published" and available in my shop here on my website, Amazon Kindle and selected upmarket bookshops nationwide. Just like a proud and grateful African Mama am I. P.S I have recently launched my second  poetry book "Queen of dreams" Part 2

People who have inspired me are: my English Teacher in Zimbabwe, Sixto Rodriguez (Cold Fact Fame) Nelson Mandela, Churchill, Romantic Great Late Poet John Keats, Bob Dylan and the Great Brave Zulu Chieftain & King, Shaka Zulu.

Lastly, but more importantly, I believe & advocate, "that you are never too old & that it is never too late" to realise and conquer YOUR Dreams. Hopefully I inspire YOU as I realise that I certainly would be nothing without you, as we are all connected as "One" and I thank you sincerely from my humble heart!

Please do feel at home & be my GUEST to navigate freely around my website, where I showcase and highlight my work  in Poetry,TV, Films & Radio of which can be viewed on my CV page http://www.donnaafrica.co.uk/cv.aspx

Wishing you a pleasant & pleasurable stay and I hope you will come back soon & visit me again, here on my official website at donnaafrica.co.uk

Lastly but more importantly, I share with you my personal inspirational message, "To succeed, self belief is the key, to set you free and make your dreams a reality!"

Here to inspire, heal and become one!  


Here to inspire, heal and to be hired!

With Luv, Light & Liberty,
Donna Africa xoxo
"The Queen of Dreams"


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