I share my Published Poetry work in the hope to Inspire the youth and the old, to be creative and write and to connect & unite as one as I have done!

I Love Britain's Got Talent Judges
(My secret confession!)

24th April 2017
Written by: Donna Africa

Dedicated to: “I Love Britain’s Got Talent Judges”
(My Secret Confession)
Penned by Warrior Poet
Donna Africa

I love Alesha,
Her bubbly personality & infectious laughter
Whose style, glamour, beauty
Are greatly sought after!

I love Amanda,
Her ethereal yet enchanting beauty
Quintessentially Britain’s first Class act
And that’s no understatement but true fact!

I love David,
A Lovable rogue, a madcap character
Makes me laugh, who possesses the fun factor!

I love Simon,
A British charming handsome gent
So dead pan, yet so droll
The King of his Talent Show, who is totally in control!

I hope and pray that BGT Judges reciprocate
as I deliver my tribute act, with passion, heart
and soul
My poem that I myself have penned and tried to articulate!

As I truly believe and advocate
That you’re never too old
And that it’s never too late
To realise your dreams and to recreate!

With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa
Queen of Dreams

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06th December 2016
Written by: Donna Africa
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“Cardboard City Guy”
Penned by Zulu Warrior Poet
Donna Africa
18th August, 2015

04th September 2015
Written by: Donna Africa

Dedicated to: To a new beginning "Genesis"

“Cardboard City Guy”

Penned by Zulu Warrior Poet

Donna Africa

18th August, 2015

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To a new beginning “Genesis”

Cardboard City Guy,
Once a pillar in the community,
Worth his weight in salt
Revered by his fellow man
But what was meant to be would be
To create a crucial survival
And to make that Stand!!
Cardboard City Guy
Gleefully danced to the tune
That enchantingly played out
Led on by the Prophet
Manifested as the “Pied Piper”
For him to bear witness to a prophecy
Soon to be seen realized & materialised!
The Pillars came tumbling & crumbling down
All around Cardboard City Guy
The Establishment firmly crushed
And lay scattered in ruins
Buried deeply beneath his feet
Cardboard City Guy
Realised he was a free man
And that his mission was  
To rebuild the ancient ruins of yesteryear
And to raise up the age-old foundation
Cardboard City Guy no-more
But held in high esteem
From all walks of society
 Renamed “Repairer of Broken Walls”
And restorer of streets and dwellings!
To a new beginning “Genesis”
With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa “Queen of Dreams”

I foresee the end of the current establishment as it will fall and crumble all around us to rebuild, restore a new and fairer establishment in Britain today!

"Prince Charming of the Airwaves"
My Gift & Thank you to Nick Conrad.

30th April 2015
Written by: Donna Africa

Dedicated to: Nick Conrad BBC Radio Norfolk Presenter of whom I have known since arriving in Norwich, Norfolk, UK and who has from the very beginning, believed in me and supported my poetry work. Thank you Nick you are a Superstar!

“Prince Charming of the Airwaves”
An Ode to BBC Radio Norfol
k Presenter, Nick Conrad

Written & Copyright by Donna Africa
Norwich’s Own Zulu Warrior Poet

Noble Nick Conrad BBC Radio Norfolk Presenter
Is our heart, head & soul talking head
On our BBC Radio Norfolk airwaves
Affectionately and aptly nick-named
“Prince Charming Of the Airwaves”
As on his popular BBC Radio Norfolk morning show
Flamboyant Nick shares the topical topics of the day
To get the whole county a chin-wagging and a talking
As he invites his listeners to call in to have their say!
Compassion & empathy are his moral codes & compass
As he guides and advises some of his troubled listeners
Who are in great despair and in need of a listening caring ear,
Nick Conrad our BBC Radio Norfolk Presenter is always there!
As Nick is confident and at ease being our “Agony Aunt”
One moment then to playing the debonair Devil’s Advocate
As Nick delights in a good old fashioned hearty debate!
Nick is passionate about the Norfolk peoples
Problems and their ongoing plight
As our Nick Conrad tries to put Norfolk to rights!
On the BBC Radio Norfolk as he is our “Norfolk Noble Knight”
And will fight the good fight with all his might
As Nicholas means “Victory of the people”
Noble Nick proudly and regally lives up to his Greek name
And well deserves my penned poem and his acclaim to fame!
With Luv, Light and Liberty,
Donna Africa

Copyright © 2018, Donna Africa, Al Rights Reserved