A Survivor & Creative Artist am I & share my message & advocate "That it is never to late"  To realise & conquer your dreams! With Luv, Light & Liberty "The Queen of Dreams" Donna Africa The Zulu Warrior Poet xx

Donna Africa - The Queen of Dreams - Poet & Norfolk CelebrityDonna Africa aka renown Norwich Zulu Warrior Poet as seen on UK National & African TV!

Donna Africa 
"Queen of Dreams"
Local Norfolk Celebrity.
Norwich's own renown Zulu Warrior Poet Performer
London2012 Olympic Games Cast Ceremony Performer.
Published Poet, Model, Author & Actress.

Recently seen on National TV on ITV Judge Rinder 1st May 2017 and Channel 4 in Come Dine With Me 14th Feb 2017 Episode 36 Norwich. Channel 5 in their Documentaries & Reality TV On Benefits in Single and Skint (2016)  and "Benefits Got Talent" 2015. 

Reality TV Star as seen on National TV 
ITV "Judge Rinder" 1st May 2017 2pm I sue for damages of my Brand Name
Channel 4 "Come Dine With Me" 14th Feb 2017 Episode 36 Norwich
BBC One "The One Show" featured Norwich Stargazer with Mark Thompson
BBC Two, "The Weakest Link" read my poem "Ode to Anne Robinson"
Channel 5 Documentary RealityTV in "Single and Skint " 2016.
Channel 5 Documentary  RealityTV  in "Benefits Got talent"  2015.
Channel 4, "Four Rooms" - I sell my African Artifacts as Zulu Warrior Poet 
ITV - "The X-factor" I make it to the Live  X-Factor Auditions with my penned poetry performance act as Donna Africa Zulu Warrior Poet
ITV -  "Britain's Got Talent" featured dancing in their opening credits              
Mustard TV - Norfolk Celebrity Guest and Poet on "The Mustard Show" 
Sky TV - "The Sporah Show" A Reality TV Guest /Poet on African TV Chat

Donna Africa is a famous model and actress living in Norwich city, UK. She has appeared in several television documentaries, including Single and Skint which aired on Channel 5 (2016) and Benefits Got Talent which aired on Channel 5 (2015) and Four Rooms on Channel 4 (2013). In 2012 she participated in the prestigious The X-Factor, Britain's got talent; appeared on the Sporah Show and Weakest Link and performed at the London Olympics. She has also featured in Chat Magazine (2016), Daily Star newspaper (2015), Daily Mirror (2015); on BBC's The Nick Conrad Show, Norwich Evening News (2014), The Mustard Show (2014), The Linda Cosgrove Show (2014) among others.

Her unwavering determination to reach for her dreams earned her the name Queen of Dreams. In search for her destiny she relocated from her homelands Zimbabwe and South Africa to come to the UK in 2004. This helped her to gain fame and to build a loyal fan base. Donna is a published poetess and author of Donna Africa's Poetry Book: The Queen of Dreams, available on her website and Amazon Kindle.

Better known as Donna Africa the Zulu Warrior Poet, she has nurtured a unique brand as a mature model, actress, poet, culture ambassador and Pan-Africanist. Her work has been showcased on television in Africa and Britain, and the beautiful goddess has actively participated in Charity and signing events.

"I'm here to inspire you to never give up on your dreams; as I truly believe that self belief is the key to success in realising and conquering your dreams. You can truly make your dreams a reality!"

Written by my fellow creative writer friend, Muhwezi Simpson of Uganda - A fellow PanAfricanist and writer of childrens' stories and African tales. 

My very first memory of being in a “mini spotlight” was when I took up playing the drums – this was with the support of my London Cockney borne late father & his influence (as he was a jazz drummer with a jazz outfit called “Bob Gilmore and the Bob Cats!”). Well, that was till the neighbours complained about the noise levels! (hee! hee!). So I dropped my drum sticks and brushes and traded them in for a pair of dancing shoes and “Good Old Rock ‘n Roll!” That lasted a time until the travel bug firmly bit me – so I took off my dancing shoes, donned on hiking boots and ventured off in search of adventure, exploration and travel.

I have experienced some interesting and unusual moments during my life time & travels and would very much like to share some of my highlights / lowlights with you. Surviving the 1978 Rhodes & Founders civilian ambush in Zimbabwe,  cruising down the Okavango Swamps (in Botswana) in a makora – a dug out boat made from a tree log, dancing wildly at a disco placed in the middle of the Bundu / Bush (wilderness in Gaberones, Botswana), car breaking down in the Karoo Desert, near Richmond, South Africa, where the temperatures were hot enough to fry an egg on top of the car bonnet! Aerial game viewing in an old rickety Cessna aeroplane (wasn’t quite sure if we would make it back safely!), hiking up the Magaliesberg Mountains in the Transvaal, Johannesburg after encountering a car accident, viewing the “Big Five” at The Wankie Game Reserve in Zimbabwe, catching a ride in a black kombi taxi in Cape Town and the most memorable one of all, standing on top of “Table Mountain” in Cape Town, South Africa. I have survived it all!
After living and settling down in “The Mother City”, Cape Town, South Africa, with her unspoilt, pure, untouched beauty and magnificent and majestic Table Mountain for over ten years, I yearned for a change, a new life , a new beginning & to finally realise my frustrated & pent-up dreams as I had become stagnated & lost. I also wanted to reunite with my British borne late mum and to realise & pursue my dreams of becoming an actress and a model as that had always been my dream since a little girl. I knew from the age of ten years old, that I wanted to be an actress and emulate the Hollywood Goddesses such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren & Joan & Jackie Collins. So began a new and exciting chapter in my life in realising and pursuing my life long dreams.

I relocated from Cape Town, South Africa to the UK in 2004 and have now settled in the goodie oldie UK. It has certainly been an adjustment but the UK has inspired me to live my dreams and fulfil my hopes and ambitions by giving me a small window of opportunity, to showcase my talent and creativity -  inspired by the talented & creative artists that I have been fortunate to have met since arriving here, on my journey in realising my frustrated dreams of yesteryear! I certainly did not relocate to the UK for the lovely weather! lol!

I soon realised and became aware that there was a huge gap and niche in the market place for the older model/woman out there. So I set out to create one, by modelling, showcasing and advocating that, “Beauty”  & Hollywood Styled Glamour existed for women in their Fabulous 40′s and 50′s! My personal motto being “Glamorous & Fabulous after 40 years young!” and “That nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful”

A golden opportunity arose to showcase my modelling and message – Andreas Yiasimi of Amber Models – offered me a photo shoot with his promotional model agency and of course I said “yes!” This was the turning point and the corner stone for my Hollywood styled glamour modelling career, acting and much, much more! There was no stopping me now…
Since settling in the UK in 2004, I have gained experience and confidence, plus I have achieved modelling representation, numerous photo shoots due mainly to the talented and professional Artists I have had the honour to work with in the UK and I thank you.

All my hard earned endeavours & work in trying to achieve my dreams of yesteryear with the help of my creative friends, are showcased on my CV page, thank you for your support. Appreciated. http://www.donnaafrica.co.uk/cv.aspx

I am soldiering and pioneering on and am always seeking and in search of new opportunities and employment in performing my poetry performance acts, penning poems for YOU & Celebs, modelling, acting, writing,  or anything involved in the media industry. Reinvigorating, exciting, stylish, glamorous and tasteful ways to express myself to get my message and views across to all the media with my inspirational message and advocate, "that you are never too old & that it is never too late!” to realise and conquer YOUR dreams of yesteryear.

Please do contact me if you woud like me to perform my Poetry Performance Act "Asimbonanga" dressed in my Zulu Warrior Costume with my assegai (spear) & shield,  to pen a poem about you or a Celebrity, Charity events, Book Signings, Sci-Fi Events, Star Wars Events, Talent Shows, Meet and Greet, My Donna Africa Talent Act, Beauty Pageants, Photo Shoots (only professional photograhers please!), modelling assignments, Films, TV, Radio, videos, promotional, sponsors, advertisers, media, newspapers, magazines features, acting or any charity work/projects that you would like me to consider.

If you are a Donna Africa Fan, please don't be shy just to say hi as I would luv to hear from you and can be contacted via my Contact Webpage.

Lastly, but more importantly, I share with you my inspirational message, "To succeed self belief is the key, to set you free and make your dreams a reality!"

Performer/  Poet / Author / Actress
Here to inspire you to never give up on your dreams!


With Luv, Light & Liberty,
“The Queen of dreams!”
And "One who never gave up on her dreams!"

Donna Africa
Luvya xoxo

P.S. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere heart felt thanks and appreciation to those who believed and supported me, in realising and achieving my dreams. Firstly, my late mum (who inspired me to be all that I can be and not to limit myself, plus she was my number one fan!), my supportive son Chris, my soul sisters, Lyn & my now Late Sweet Soul Sister Krista & my brilliant brother Adam. My webmaster / designer Kristian of Neo optic and Amanda, plus all my Facebook, Twitter & Myspace Network Friends & Fans as I certainly would be nothing without you! Bless you and Thank you all! Luvya xxxx
Written & © Copyright Donna Africa 2010

"Thank you, My Friends”
written by Donna Africa
& dedicated to all my Friends & Fans xx

Some days, especially Mondays
I wake up and think of
all that I am not
and what I still haven’t got
and think maybe I am not
all I ever wanted to be
and this so frustrates me!

So I take a moment to reflect
and remember that you
are my true friend
that I should never forget

Who lifts me up
to incredible heights
enabling me to see
more than my own needs
and to forget all about me

You show me that we
are all connected as one
You and me
not at all alone
I now understand and see

That we are all beautiful
unique beings
swimming frantically
You and me
in this turbulent deep blue sea
fighting relentlessly
to discover and harness
our own individuality
and energy

I thank you my dear friend
ever so sincerely
for being there for me
and making me realise that
in order to be free
and to be me
just to be oneself

I thank you
my true friend

With Luv, Light and Liberty
Your Friend
Donna Africa xxx
Copyright © 2024, Donna Africa, Al Rights Reserved