19Sep 2018

Donna Africa UNCUT Radio Interview With Danny Sun on XLRRADIO 18th Sept 2018

Watch /Listen to my UNCUT Radio Interview on Youtube 

Donna Africa Exclusive UNCUT Radio Interview on the renowned Danny Sun Show 18th September 2018 on https://www.xlrradio.co.uk/

Danny sun interviews the one + only Donna Africa on his infamous breakfast radio show chatting to her about her life in Africa, moving to pastures new in Great Britain and her many television appearances.

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With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa 


16Jul 2018

I travelled half way across the world to realise & conquer my dreams and my journey so far....

I Donna Thompson the creator of my alter ego, Donna Africa Warrior Woman and Artistic Brand - representing and standing for women's strength, power and creativity, left my homelands, Zimbabwe and South Africa in 2004 and relocated to Great Britain to care for my now late British Mum and to finally realise and conquer my pent up dreams and ambitions of yesteryear today!

My Donna Africa journey thus far in TV & Films showcased on my
Donna Africa Vimeo Profile  http://vimeo.com/donnaafrica

Donna Africa Reality TV Showreel 2017  showcased on my Donna Africa Vimeo Video's https://vimeo.com/209057793 

ITV "Judge Rinder" - Televised 1st May 2017
I yell freedom and sue for damages against my reputation and my brand name "DonnaAfrica"  when a fetish video I particiapted in went viral with over one million hits! Watch on Judge Rinder youtube https://youtu.be/eYYwDgvXf-A  

Channel 4 "Come Dine With Me" - Televised 14th Feb 2017 Norwich Ep 36
I am first up to host my night with my Portuguese hot and spicy fare, fun, entertainment and dancing!  Watch on my vimeo https://vimeo.com/205661170 

Mustard TV "The Mustard Show" Freeview Channel 7 Televised 17th Jan 2017
I was delighted to be invited back as a TV Guest / Norwich Celebrity as I joined BBC Radio Norfolk Presenter Nick Conrad on his couch and narrated my penned poem "Ode to Nick Conrad" to the man himself! Awkward!
Watch on my Donna Africa Youtube https://youtu.be/i83A9QYMako

Spillwords.com published 2 Dec - 31st Dec 2016 
My Interview Q&A - An insight into my life and poetry works published on Spillwords.com as voted Author of the month

Channel 5 Reality TV Documentary S1 E25 Episode 25 "On Benefits" in "Single and Skint" Televised 1st & 6th September 2016 
The camera follows me for 5 days documenting my Live Easter Bunny Gal Calendar Photoshoot as an unemployed creative artist, mature model and poet and films me as I try online dating for the very first time.
Watch on my Vimeo https://vimeo.com/186152964  

Channel 5 RealityTV Documentary S1 E3 Episode 3 "On Benefits" in
"Benefits Got Talent" Televised 18th, 19th, 20th Nov 2016

The camera follows me for 5 days documenting my life as an unemployed creative talented artist, mature model and poet. Highlighting my Live leopard print bikini warrior woman Calendar Photoshoot.
Watch on my Vimeo https://vimeo.com/146754599 

BBC RADIO NOFOLK 22nd April 2015
My indepth, insightful interview on BBC Radio Norfolk on "The Nick Conrad Show" Broadcasted on 22 April 2015.

I talk about my life growing up in Africa, my modelling and poetry works. I candidly talk about my depression and what makes me tick!
Watch /Listen on my Vimeo https://vimeo.com/125987165

Mustard TV on "The Mustard Show" as a Norwich Celebrity TV Guest
Televised on Channel 8, Freeview 14th Non 2014
Watch on my Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaoJtxn0xCI

Continued below in More Details
Channel 4 "Four Rooms" Series 3 Episode 21. Televised 19th July 2013
I make my TV Appearance as my creation & alter Ego, Donna Africa Warrior Woman where I bring my African artefacts - a genuine authentic springbok rug and an antique amulet fly swisher using my African charms and wares to secure a sale!
Watch on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/76207728 

Film 4 /Pathe "The Scoting Books for boys" Televised 14 Nov 2012 & 2 Jan 2013
I make my Cameo debut Film Appearance in this Romeo and Juliet dark tale! Starring Thomas Turgoose, Holiday Grainger, Tony Maudsley and Susan Lynch. 
Watch on https://watch4hd.com/movie/the-scouting-book-for-boys/

ITV The X-Factor Televised 8th & 9th Sept 2012
I make it to the LIVE X-factor Televised Auditions with my penned poem  "Asimbonanga"and poetry performance act equipped with my Zulu assegai (spear) and springbok shield. Watch on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/91404944

London 2012 Olympic Games Ceremonies 27th July - 12th Aug 2012
Proudly Cast as an Mechanical Audience Leader & Ceremony Performer in both the opening & closing ceremonies as I sang, danced, lead the audience, deployed the silks and generally lifted the spirits and to egg on my audience to join along, participate and to be a part of the opening and closing ceremonies & to celebrate & hearld the athletes in a job well done! Being a Volunteer Participator Performer in the London 2012 Olympic Games Ceremonies was a dream come true for little old me and a once in a life time opportunity and I am very appreciative to have been a part of the greatest show on earth!
Published in Norwich Evening News http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/sport/norwich-woman-s-pride-at-taking-part-in-opening-ceremony-at-london-2012-olympics-1-1464941

ITV Britain's Got Talent televised 7th April 2012
I danced in the opening credits of "Britain's Got Talent" filmed on top of the IPC roof top in Shoe Lane, London in my red top hat, corset and stockings!
Watch on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/78256124

BBC2 "The Weakest Link" Televised 26th March 2012
I Donna Africa "Queen of Dreams" meets Anne Robinson "Queen of Mean" and read my pemnned poem "Ode to Anne Robinson" to the formidable lady herself! 
Watch on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/77708283

Donna Africa Queen of Dreams Poetry Book self published on Kindle Amazon
I express in prose and poetic verse my journey in realising my dreams since relocating to the UK. Proudly owned & treasured by Celebrities. 

Heart Radio 17th Feb 2012 
I was featured & mentioned on Heart Radio News Bulletins about my role in the London 2012 Olympic games. Special thanks to Heart Radio and Natalie Reed. Listen to my full interview on their website http://www.heart.co.uk/norfolk/news/local/east-woman-performing-olympics/.

The Sporah Show (TanzaniaTalk Show) Televised 6th Feb 2012
I was honoured to be an invited Celebrity TV Guest on Sporah's Tanzania TV talk show, to share my true inspirational story and perform my poetry works and Reality TV appearances, with the gorgeous host Sporah and her TV viewers in Europe & Africa. Watch on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53rAa6qKYRg&feature=youtu.be

Miss Zim Diamond 2011 Finals London 10th Sept 2011
Honoured & humbled to be a Beauty Judge and to share and perform my penned poem & poetry act, "Asimbonanga" live on stage for my fellow Zimbabweans. Highlighting Zimbabwe Beauty and Talent. Watch on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0kp8EbXxok&feature=youtu.be

All my work showcased on my Donna Africa website CV http://www.donnaafrica.co.uk/cv.aspx

If you can assist me in futhering my dreams and journey please do get in touch with me via my website contact page http://www.donnaafrica.co.uk/contact-us.aspx

Lastly, I believe and advocate "That you are never too old and that it is never too late" to realise and conquer your dreams!

With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Your Donna Africa
"The Queen of Dreams" 

07Jul 2017

I Donna Africa Local Norwich Celeb, Model, Poet & Reality TV Star am avail to book for Public Personal Guest Appearances & Charity Events

I Donna Africa well known Local Norwich Personality & Norfolk Celebrity
Proudly London 2012 Olympic Games Ceremony Performer
Published Poet
Published Model
Reality TV Star as seen on TV in:-

ITV Judge Rinder -I yell freedom & perform for Judge Rinder! 1st May 2017
Channel 4 "Come Dine With Me" Episode 36 Norwich 14th Feb 2017
Freeview Channel 7 & Virgin Channel 159 "The Mustard Show" on Local Mustard TV A regular Norwich Celeb TV Guest 17th January 2017
Channel 5 Documentary "Single & Skint"
S1 Episode 25 Dating 1st Sept 2016
Channel 5 Documentay "Benefits Got Talent" S1 E3 Bikini Shoot 18 Jan 2016
Channel 4 "Four Rooms" as Zulu Warior Poet 19th July 2013
Film 4 / Pathe "The Scouting Book for Boys" Film Cameo 2nd Jan 2013

ITV "The X-factor" my Zulu warrior poet & penned poem act 8 & 9th Sept 2012
ITV "Britain's Got Talent" I dance in the opening credits 7th April 2012

BBC 2 "The Weakest Link" Contestant 26 March 2012
Sky TV Tanzanian TV "The Sporah Show" Celeb Reality TV Guest 6 Feb 2012
BBC One "The One Show" a featured Stargazer 31st July 2009

I Donna Africa am available to book / hire for your Personal Public Guest Appearances & signings, Charity and all upmarket events.

For all enquiries and bookings please contact me via my contact website page http://www.donnaafrica.co.uk/contact-us.aspx

With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa xx



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