I share my Published Poetry work in the hope to Inspire the youth and the old, to be creative and write and to connect & unite as one as I have done!


27th November 2018
Written by: Donna Africa


Penned and Performed

by Donna Africa




The final curtain call

destined finality

an end of life

that awaits us all!


Departure off this plane

of human existence

perceived reality

of pleasure and great pain!


Arrival on an ethereal plane

of purity and great love

free of hatred, suffering

and human pain!


Death or rebirth?

Life is an illusion

30th August 2018
Written by: Donna Africa

Dedicated to: The Truth Seekers and Peace Makers!

Life is an illusion written by Donna Africa

28th Aug 2018


Every day that darkness passes my way

Light just an illusion and far away

For me life is just a constant persecution

Of life’s illusion and prostitution!


Time has come for the people’s revolution

To break free from this caged institution

And find a real and true solution!


To break free from this heinous pollution

And Mother Nature is the only solution

No more insane confusion

To make this a real resolution!


With Luv, Light and Liberty!

Your, Donna Africa









I Love Britain's Got Talent Judges
(My secret confession!)

24th April 2017
Written by: Donna Africa

Dedicated to: “I Love Britain’s Got Talent Judges”
(My Secret Confession)
Penned by Warrior Poet
Donna Africa

I love Alesha,
Her bubbly personality & infectious laughter
Whose style, glamour, beauty
Are greatly sought after!

I love Amanda,
Her ethereal yet enchanting beauty
Quintessentially Britain’s first Class act
And that’s no understatement but true fact!

I love David,
A Lovable rogue, a madcap character
Makes me laugh, who possesses the fun factor!

I love Simon,
A British charming handsome gent
So dead pan, yet so droll
The King of his Talent Show, who is totally in control!

I hope and pray that BGT Judges reciprocate
as I deliver my tribute act, with passion, heart
and soul
My poem that I myself have penned and tried to articulate!

As I truly believe and advocate
That you’re never too old
And that it’s never too late
To realise your dreams and to recreate!

With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa
Queen of Dreams

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06th December 2016
Written by: Donna Africa
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