I share my Published Poetry work in the hope to Inspire the youth and the old, to be creative and write and to connect & unite as one as I have done!

"The Tree of Truth" written & copyright Donna Africa 24th June 2013

24th June 2013
Written by: Donna Africa

Dedicated to: Truth Seekers, Seers, Sages, Creatives & Like-minded People.

“The Tree of Truth”

Written & © Copyright Donna Africa 24th June 2013


The branches of the sturdy wise tree

sway gently in the cool gentle breeze

like long elegant fingers on a hand

they wave as beckoning and calling me,

to share and whisper it’s secrets, wisdom

and knowledge of old & new with me,

stories forgotten & untold of brave men fighting

for the glory and the honour of day’s gone past,

lessons forgotten & learnt, awareness and forgiveness

to materialize and occur and save humankind after all!


The branches of the strong sagacious tree

angered by the fierce gale force winds

now bend & bow violently & aggressively, before me,

back and fro they go, like passionate lovers

they perform the story of love and glory

as it entices, invites and hypnotises me

with its ardent and sensual wild dance

I go deeper and deeper into a transcendental trance


Transported to another dimension

it now all seems so crystal clear

my purpose and why I am here

not deluded at all as I thought before

but enlightened & illuminated

like I had never known before

no longer burdened or weighed down

by the materialistic & judgemental plane

that had gone before & of which I abhorred

love, peace, harmony & happiness

are there to meet, greet and await all

in the knowledge that the truth

will indeed set you free on your journey.


The Tree of prophecy & great truths

now rocking & cradling me

between its bough & branches

eerily whistles and whispers in my ear

that a new day dawns to those who care

to listen to a true prophet’s mission & vision

no more doom or gloom that we all fear

as predicted by the shaman of yesteryear

but a new level of consciousness & truth

is close at hand and very near.


I predict and see a new discovery to unfold

that proves we are all indeed connected as ONE

of which I knew & believed all along

from the plants to the trees,

the animals to the bees

the sun & moon to the stars,

the universe to infinity & beyond

are all connected & united

and of one and truly belong.

I love you all!


With Luv, Light and Liberty,

Your “Queen of Dreams”

Donna Africa xxx




My Sangoma (ancestral healer) inspired poem "Asimbonanga" Zulu meaning "One who has yet to be seen!" I made it through to the Live X-Factor 2012 Auditions with this poem that I wrote & my poetry performance act as Zulu Warrior Poet & featured on TV ITV "The X-Factor" on the 8th & 9th Sept 2012.

14th September 2011
Written by: The Queen of Dreams - Donna Africa The Sangoma (Healer)

Dedicated to: To inspire my fellow African brothers & sisters and friends to never give up on their dreams, my shamwaris / warriors!!

My Sangoma (ancestral healer) inspired poem that I wrote entitled, "Asimbonaga" Zulu meaning, "One who has yet to be seen!" I made it through to the Live X-factior Audition 2012 with this poem I wrote alongside, my poetry performance act as Zulu Warrior Poet. Inspired by the Great Zulu Chieftain & Zulu warrior, Shaka Zulu.

I am here to inspire you
to realise & believe
in your dreams
and to share with you
My African Dream
by Donna Africa

"One who has yet to be seen!"

Written & © Copyright Donna Africa 2010

So off I ventured
on my journey
six years ago
to a land anew
with great hope
and belief
in my heart
to realise,
and make true
my African Dreams

Hey you
Hey wena
Hail to one who
has yet to be seen!

Crossing colossal
deep blue
& stormy seas
to a Great &
United Kingdom
so afar
& verdant green
to a land that
I had never seen

leaving my homelands
Zimbabwe & Africa
so far behind me
to pursue
and realise,
my frustrated
African dreams

that had for so long
laid dormant
caged and
deep down
inside of me
longing to be
and finally
set free!

Hey you
Hey wena
Hail to one who
has yet to be seen!

I don’t feel so alone
but proud & bold
as I share my
Zulu Warrior Dance
here today
before you
with the spirit
and heart of
The Great Zulu

Warrior King
Shaka Zulu
who bestows
and shares
his bravado
and bravery
with me

Hey you
Hey wena
Hail to one who
has yet to be seen!

Dressed as his
loyal Impi warrior
with bare feet
& trusty assegai
I feel the presence of
Shaka Zulu
King and Almighty
Leader near

Chieftain King Shaka Zulu
to whom I emulate
and pay homage
for giving me
great courage
and who inspires me
to share
my African dream
and vision
with the young
and the old
to make their future
bright and clear

Hey you
Hey wena
Hail to one who
has yet to be seen!

As I truly believe
and advocate
that it is never to late
and you are never too old
to realise and
conquer your dreams

Hey you
Hey wena
Hail to One
who has never given up
on her dreams!

My Poetry Performance Act  "Asimbonanga" performed live on stage in "The Miss Zimbabwe"in London  on my YOUTUBE Channel

"Time for change!" writen & copyright by Donna Africa 26th April, 2012

26th April 2013
Written by: Donna Africa

Dedicated to: To the me, myself & I generation! My personal poem against, the unjust, unfair & cruel, bedroom tax & benefit cuts!The Poor get Poorer & The Rich get Richer!!

"Time for change!"
Written & copyright
by Donna Africa, 26th April 2013

Time to change,

Time to bend,

Time to mend,

No longer content

to sit and watch

on the proverbial fence

as time and injustices

passes me by

but to have my say!

Time I spent here & there

Time I spent that I shared

Time of discontent,


and great despair

as I look around me

I witness, see and

hear everywhere

and no-one seems to care!

Time for change!

With Luv, Light and Liberty
Donna Africa
"Queen of Dreams"

Author's Comments I wrote this poem about the current situation in the UK and world-wide. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the bridge and gap is forever increasing. In today's sad world it is all about "Me, myself and I." This saddens and upsets me so I wrote about what I see and witness all around my world! www.donnaafrica.co.uk

"Why oh Why?" Poem written & copy right by Donna Africa today, 12th April 2012

12th April 2012
Written by: Donna Africa

Dedicated to: To all frustrated Artists and Dreamers out there!


Written & © CopyrightDonna Africa 2012

 Dedicated to all frustrated Artists & Dreamers out there!

Insight: I am Donna Africa an unemployed, frustrated creative artist. Who continues to soldier, struggle and pioneer on in realising my dreams of yesteryear!


Why oh Why

to be given

such a passionate

ravenous &

roaring heart,

if not to give love

and to be loved

I ask why?


Why oh Why

to be given

luscious red lips

if not to smooch & kiss,

as this is my desire & wish,

to be tenderly kissed

I ask why?


Why oh why

to be given

loving open arms

if not to embrace

cocoon & caress

to hold tightly

as never to let go

united & whole as one

I ask why?


Why oh Why

to be given

deep blue eyes

if not to see the truth


to weep & cry

for all humankind

without asking why?


Why oh Why

to be given

ears if not to listen

intensely to a whisper

and also to be heard

above the cacophony

madness and noise

that plagues and rules

the earth today

I ask why?


Why oh why

to be given hands

if not to give a hand up

and not a hand out

to raise, lift and ascend

our fellow man

soul and spirit

to the very top

I ask why?


Why oh why

to be given a voice

if silenced & muted

unable to have your

human rights or say

as told to behave

without just cause

rhyme or reason

I ask why?


Why oh why

to be given six senses

a gift from our ancestors

and from above

if not to exert

and employ them all

to see, feel and heal

I ask why?


Why oh why

to be given

a pair of legs

if not to stride

walk tall with pride

to try & get ahead

I ask why?


Why oh why

to be given a dream

to a dreamer like me

who ardently believes

and perceives all her dreams

to become a reality

as driven & inspired

is buried deep down

in her very soul

if not to be able

to achieve and to make true

I let out an exasperated

frustrated sigh

and have to ask myself

why oh why?


With Luv, Light and Liberty,

The Queen of Dreams”

DonnaAfrica xx


Copyright © 2019, Donna Africa, Al Rights Reserved